Air Freight Into Melbourne – An Importer’s Guide

Air freight into Melbourne offers you the fastest way to bring high value/low volume cargo into Australia. Other than speed, it offers enhanced security, lower packaging costs compared to sea freight, and generally lower insurance costs.

If you’re looking for air freight into Melbourne services, you can do no better than hire the services of a professional freight forwarder. Such a firm can organise all aspects of your cargo’s transport. You gain from effective supply chain management, which frees you to focus on your core activities.

Here’s how your freight forwarder can help you.

Cargo Consolidation and Packing

Your cargo needs to be properly packed for loading onto the aircraft. Freight forwarders have agents in the country of destination to take care of this.

Should your shipment be large, you could charter a full aircraft or organise a split charter whereby your cargo is transported along with another party’s shipment to fill the aircraft.

Order Tracking

You can quickly and easily find out the realitime location and status of your consignment via sophisticated online tracking systems.

Customs and Quarantine Clearances

Dealing with the customs authorities is a specialised task. Any errors could lead to delays in receiving your goods and excessive payment of duty.


Getting the right insurance policies for your shipment is vital to protect yourself against mishaps. Reputable freight forwarders know the right insurance to get for your situation and often have special arrangements with insurance companies. The result is the best premium at the optimum cost.


Freight forwarders can provide door to door service or arrange to have your cargo stored in their own secure warehousing facilities.

International freight forwarding is a complex undertaking. Hiring the right freight forwarder provides you with a direct link to all the international airlines thus handling the logistics of your air freight.

By choosing a quality freight forwarder to handle your air freight into Melbourne, you can avail yourself of door to door services, order tracking, insurance along with consolidation and packing services all from one professional firm.

For all your air freight info Melbourne needs, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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