Air Freight into Melbourne – Why You Need a Professional Freight Forwarder

Sending your cargo by air offers you the benefits of speed and convenience. Not only do aircraft make their journeys in a matter of hours instead of the days and weeks of ships, but also loading and unloading procedures at the airport tend to be much fast than at the docks.

If your goods are compact and high value, airfreight represents the ideal way to deliver consignments quickly into Melbourne from anywhere in the world.

However, you have to do things properly to gain the maximum advantage from this mode of shipment. Here’s why you need an expert freight forwarder to handle your air freight into Melbourne.


While importing goods into Australia is a relatively painless process, there are many complex rules and procedures you have to follow. Customs and quarantine routines can be tricky unless you’re thoroughly aware of the relevant laws and regulations.

A professional freight forwarder can offer packages that cover the whole air freight procedure including clearances, insurance, storage and handling the goods both in Melbourne and in the country of destination. By taking advantage of such as package you, the importer, can focus on your key task of marketing your products.

Returning Expats/New Immigrants

If you’re returning to Melbourne after a spell abroad, or coming to take up residence in Australia, you probably have a lot of items to bring along. For bulky items such as furniture, sea transport is probably the best way. However, certain items may be most effectively sent by air.

To discover the best way to shop your belongings back to Melbourne, you should consult with a professional freight forwarder. He can advise you of the optimal procedures to transport your various goods and arrange the most effective packages with the airlines and shipping companies.

Excess Baggage

You have to be very careful with the weight of the goods you bring by air or you may be subject to excess baggage charges that can be quite hefty. This is another area an experienced freight forwarder can help you with.

For all your air freight requirements to and from Melbourne, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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