Australia Freight Forwarding – The Power of Project Forwarding

Shipping goods internationally is a straightforward procedure nowadays. You simply contact your Australia freight forwarding firm and let them handle the entire operation.

Increasingly, though, jobs come along that demand a really special service. It might simply be a matter or shipping heavy or extremely bulky equipment. These ‘Out Of Gauge’ (OOG) consignments can’t be handled by regular aircraft or container ships and need special handling.

Another special service could involve shipping entire mining operation sites to far-flung locations or involve the remote needs of the oil and gas industry or complex civil engineering projects. Other situations include transportation for the military or to trade shows on other countries.

Whatever kind of job it is, it demands rigorous logistical procedures and international contacts and resources. Whether it’s a shipment of massive proportions or a destination that’s truly off the beaten track, you need more than basic freight forwarding, you need project forwarding.

Project Forwarding Solutions

When it comes to moving a shipment of goods that defies the constraints of regular air or container cargo shipping, you need an organisation that has the logistical capabilities to handle the transport of any kind of goods anywhere.

You need a firm that can plan, co-ordinate, and supervise the shipment of the most demanding types of cargo. They need the experience and resources to handle export packing and warehousing both domestically and at various international locations. Other key responsibilities include quayside loading and unloading, heavy lift transport, and the surveying of the routes and sites that need to handle outsize cargo.

Moreover, they have to handle all the paperwork and liaise with agents and authorities around the globe. In short, you need an above average Australia freight forwarder.

The next time you have any special needs in shipping any kind of cargo to anywhere on the planet, get in touch with an Australia freight forwarding firm that has the experience, contacts and worldwide reach to get the job done.

When you need the ultimate in project forwarding, contact Australia freight forwarding experts Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225

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