Australia Import Cargo Procedures Guide

If you’re getting started with importing goods into Australia, you’ll need a clear overview of Australia import cargo procedures. That way you can decide whether to learn to do things yourself of take the smarter option of hiring a professional freight forwarder to handle the whole procedure.

Modern import procedures are highly sophisticated with global links offering such as benefits as real time tracking and access to the most cost effective logistical setups. While this offers considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and transparency, it does demand considerable knowledge.

Other than knowledge it also demands access to computerised networks to be able to link up with entities such as foreign suppliers, ports, warehouses as well as the relevant government departments. Electronic customs reporting, for example, offers savings in time and paperwork but it also requires you to be registered with the relevant authorities.

How an Australian Freight Forwarder Can help

Freight forwarders are professional firms able to handle all aspects of shipping goods to and from anywhere in the world. When it comes to Australia import cargo, they have the international resources and contacts along with the logistical networks to ensure your goods arrive as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Getting advice from a freight forwarder at the offset can also help you determine whether your operation has a chance of being profitable. What seems like a bargain when you look at FOB Shanghai prices could prove quite pricey when you factor in shipping, insurance and customs costs.

Quality shipping firms can offer you accurate costing details and also advise you’re on the most cost effective methods of shipping your goods into Australia. Such intelligence can make the difference between success and failure for your import venture.

Whether you’ve just begun importing or you’re an experienced important looking for a more streamlined and efficient operation, putting the whole process into the hands of a reputable freight forwarder is your key to success.

With professionals taking care of every phase of the goods moving operation, you have time and resources to focus on your key strategies of sourcing quality products and finding markets.

For all your Australia import cargo needs, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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