Are you a wholesale distribution centre and you are looking to move a large volume of your product for specialty prices? Are you being inquired by various individuals about wanting to order mass amounts of your product and you need an efficient and effective way to move the product? Well while this sounds like it can be quite a difficult task, at Atlas Forwarding we have an international freight solution in your Australian area that will provide all the right answers. Atlas Forwarding offers a service of import and export services of the highest calibre and with the years of consistent and reliable business we provide, we have a group of satisfied customers that can assure you that we deliver on our promises.

Australia International Freight Forwarding: Distribution Solutions

We specialise in the art of distribution. Wherever you may need us to go we can take you expectations and needs and curtail specifications around it to give you the service you were looking for. We specialize in freight delivery and there is no size of an order that we can manage and efficiently move. We are looking to make your business a success, so invest your time and effort into us so we can deliver you a service that is worth remembering.

Professional Australian International Freight: Consult with us

Give us a call and let’s discuss exactly what it is you need to move. We can give you accurate quotes and realistic expectations as well as the guidance to the best service for your needs. We guarantee handling you with professional courtesy and etiquette and giving you the right guidance to give you exactly what you need. We don’t believe in charging you for every little thing, we believe in utilizing your needs with a specific service that will give you exactly what you need.

Hassle free international freight services


Most businesses and individuals who need to move or send large quantities of their products to another country or continent for that matter find it extremely complicated. Though there are businesses who carry out the majority of tasks associated with sending their merchandise to clients overseas the fact is that its time consuming. Though each year international freight in Australia arrives by both air and sea the actual paper work and logistics associated with it requires professional help. This is especially the case for medium and small businesses. This is where our services can help you because we handle everything so that you do not have to.

International freight in Australia made simple

Sending either a few dozen of your products or a perhaps a whole truckload is now easier than ever before. Our years of experience in this industry and our portfolio spanning dozens of clients from across the country ensures that all you need to do is give us a call. Once you fill us in on the details of what you are sending and where, you can leave the documentation, logistics and forwarding all up to us. When you have experts like us working for you there is absolutely nothing to worry about because your freight is handled with care and transported exactly as you specify.

Professional customer service

We believe in taking a customer centric approach with your service. So, whether you are expecting international freight in Australia or are planning to send your own abroad our highly professional customer service will keep you updated every step of the way. So, you never have to feel as though you do not know what is going on especially if you’re sending merchandize to a client who inquires about its status.

At Atlas Forwarding professionalism and efficiency is something we pride ourselves on and believe it is what has led to our success over the years. If you need us to handle your freight then call (03) 93355225 or you can send an email to for any information regarding our services.

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