Australian Export Air Cargo for Speed and Reliability

In today’s competitive marketplace, speed is often of the essence, especially when it comes to delivering your goods to your customers. It can be a real challenge when your customers are located in another country.

If you export goods from Australia and need to get your shipment delivered as quickly as possible, export air freight Melbourne is the way to go.

Whether air cargo is the right delivery method for you depends on the nature of your product. Air freight companies charge by weight while ocean carriers charge by standard shipping container rates. Clearly high value compact items are ideal for air transport while bulky items should go by container ship.

Other than cost, the other issue is speed. Air freight takes a day or two to reach its destination; with sea cargo transport, it’s usually a matter of weeks. Today’s ships are impressively fast however, storms and other climatic conditions can affect travel time.

When shipping time critical or perishable goods, air freight is the answer. For ultimate convenience, just choose the right freight forwarder to handle everything from picking up your goods from your factory of store, consolidation and packing, arranging insurance, dealing with customs and other bureaucratic chores, all the way to delivering your package to its final destination.

Choosing the Right Melbourne Freight Forwarder

When looking for the right air freight agent, you should choose a firm that has the resources and infrastructure to ship virtually any kind of product anywhere in the world. Your forwarder of choice should be able to demonstrate smart solutions that offer an optimised supply chain and ensure you can check the progress of your shipment any time.

You should also ensure your agent is a fully accredited cargo gent with IATA (International Air Transport Association). This means the firm has demonstrated financial and professional competence and is given priority in buying cargo space with all carriers. In addition, accredited firms have access to a network of agents all over the world. You can appreciate how important this is when it comes to arranging Australian export air cargo.

For all your air freight requirements to and from Melbourne, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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