Australian Importers: 5 Ways Your Melbourne Freight Forwarder Can Save You Money

Are you looking for a Melbourne freight forwarder to handle you cargo shipments into Australia? If so, it’s a smart move.

Shipping goods, especially internationally, is a complex task and the charges can mount up. Also with so many options at your disposal regarding means of transport, how do you choose the right one?

The elegant solution is to hire a freight forwarder to handle all your shipping needs. Not only do you get fast and efficient delivery, you also save money. Here’s how:

Best Shipping Rates

Freight forwarders have special arrangements with the shipping companies and can negotiate better charges. Moreover, they can combine your cargo with that of other clients to ensure that containers are filled and there’s no wastage. The result is shipping charges lower than you could get yourself.


Professional freight forwarders in Melbourne have the resources, contacts and systems to make sure your consignment is delivered as efficiently as possible. They also offer you the ability to track your cargo at every stage of its journey.


With efficiency comes speed as your professional forwarders select optimal routes and methods of delivery. With quality logistical systems in place, your forwarders can make sure your goods arrive as quickly as possible

In today’s competitive business environment, the first to market usually wins. Moreover, having a regular stock of goods is something that customers value. Using a professional freight forwarder to ship in your goods helps ensure you never run out of stock.

Speedy Clearance

Dealing with Australian customs can be a daunting task for the layman owing to the thicket of regulations and stringent procedures. Failure to comply can lead to delays and charges.

Professional freight forwarders have an interface with the customs database to ensure they’re always on top of the status of your shipment. Plus, of course, they have the specialised knowledge to make sure your consignment is handled correctly.

Minimal Tariffs

Other than helping you avoid customs delays and storage costs, your freight forwarder can also ensure you don’t pay more in import duties than you should.

For all your shipping needs, contact your professional Melbourne freight forwarder Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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