Do you have a trip and have all your bags packed and as you’re getting ready to board the plane suddenly it is brought to your attention that your bag doesn’t meet the requirements to be put aboard the plane? Have you got everything packed and everything is ready to go and the idea of losing anything on your luggage is too much to bear? Well this isn’t going to be a problem for much longer, contact us at Atlas Forwarding and find a quick solution to the problem of excess baggage in your local area in Australia. We offer a service of convenience, and we want to see to it that what you need is what you get. Call us today and let us consult with you for your needs.

Excess Baggage in Australia? Contact Us for a Consultation

Call us and describe for us what you need done and our team of professionals in the import and export industry can explain exactly what you need and the price tag that comes with it. We aren’t out for an easy score, we are out to look out for your best interests and give you a service that will serve to your needs. We are in the business of providing a service that will make your life easier and solve various problems that may arise from time to time. We also offer special rates to students, as well as pensioners and retirees.

Excess Baggage in Melbourne: Time means experience

The amount of time we have in this line of business shows we have the experience needs to provide a solution that is guarantee to work for you. We have been in the business since 1999 and we know from trial and error what works and what doesn’t. We will do all that is necessary to get you the service that will make your needs a central priority. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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