Don’t Get Stuck With Excess Luggage, Melbourne!

So, you’re queued up at the Melbourne International Airport, and you’re anxious and ready to board the plane. The problem is that the passenger in front of you is delaying the process because he’s just been informed that he can’t take everything with him. So, you’re forced to wait as a result of his excess luggage. In Melbourne, Australia¬†as with any other any other location, there are limits on the amount of luggage you can travel with. Don’t be the guy who holds up the queue simply because you didn’t inform yourself about the rules!

Get the Facts

The easiest way to ensure that your travel experience goes as seamlessly as possible is to simply inform yourself of the rules and regulations. If you’re lucky, the luggage limitation information will be printed on your ticket or itinerary. Scan it closely before you even bother packing because if you over pack and take too many bags to the airport, you’ll be stuck with having to make the decision to leave behind baggage, Melbourne travellers, and that’s not a position anyone wants to find themselves in while traveling!

If the limitations aren’t listed on your ticket or itinerary, simply log on to your airline’s website and search for the information. Each airline will have different restrictions in terms of the number and size of bags, so make sure you are at the correct website. Keep a keen eye on the type of ticket you have as well, because limitations can also vary in that regard.

Pack Accordingly

When it comes to excess luggage, Melbourne, Australia¬†the rules are non-negotiable. Don’t think that you will be able to take an extra bag just because it’s small. Follow your airlines guidelines to the letter, and only pack up to the maximum allowed. The only exception to this would be if the airline offered to accept additional bags for an extra fee.

If you simply must take extra baggage, Melbourne travellers, but you can’t find anything posted online related to extra bag fees, it’s quite possible that it’s not even an option with your airline. In that case, do yourself and everyone else a favour, and call the airline directly!

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