How a Melbourne Freight Forwarder Can Help With Imports

Are you importing goods into Australia or planning to do so? You need a Melbourne freight forwarder with the resources to handle any kind of import job whether by sea or air. Your freight forwarder is a key partner in your export business functioning as a direct link to air and shipping lines to handle all your cargo needs.

Importing products for sale locally can be a lucrative enterprise but the competition is fierce. In order to win, you have to focus on your own business while also ensuring the logistics are taken care of professionally.

To succeed in this business, don’t try to do everything yourself. You need to

focus on the core tasks of sourcing the right products finding markets, and the day-to-day running of your business. Meanwhile hire a Melbourne freight forwarder to take care of shipping the goods in, and handling the paperwork and storage at each end.

By running your business this way, you can concentrate on running your operation as effectively as possible confident that all the key matters of shipping, storage and paperwork is in the hands of a professional firm with the experience and resources to do everything properly.

This can encompass everything from insurance, pickup, storage sea or air freight container packing to dealing with the authorities in both the source country and Australia.

To ensure efficient processing of sea or airfreight into Australia, you need a firm experienced in Australian customs clearance to ensure the swift processing of your goods and so that you’re taking advantage of all possible tariff concessions and not paying excessive duty. They can also deal with any quarantine issues.

When choosing the right firm for your import needs, make sure they can offer a full range of services including order tracking, export consolidation, secure warehousing, and insurance.

So whether you’re shipping from Asia to Australia or flying in goods from anywhere in the world, an experienced freight forwarder is your partner in success.

When you need an experienced Melbourne freight forwarder with worldwide resources, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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