Melbourne Freight Forwarders – Dealing with Quarantine

Australia can be a difficult country for importers. Not only are customs procedures complex, but we have some of the most rigorous quarantine regulations in the world.

Altogether, over 20000 types of plant, animal, mineral and human products are subject to quarantine regulations.

Here’s how you deal with these regulations and why it’s better to employ a Melbourne freight forwarder to handle the matter.

Australia has long had strict quarantine regulations to protect its vital agricultural base and indigenous flora and fauna. The entry of items such as soil or insects could be detrimental to the local ecosystem and the quarantine system ensures that all relevant items are checked and treated upon arrival.

Essentially, any kind of imported plant life, living or dead, is subject to inspection by a plant quarantine official. If any item is found to be contaminated, it must be either treated, destroyed or shipped out. As the importer, you’ll be responsible for all related costs.

Certain kinds of plant life including some fruits, vegetables and seeds require permission to import. Check with your Melbourne freight forwarder in advance, if you’re uncertain.

Be sure to check on the quarantine status of your cargo before you begin import procedures as practises and regulations do change.

Goods Subject to Mandatory Treatments

Certain items must be treated upon arrival unless you can prove this was done before shipping. These items include timber, cane, bamboo or antique furniture and wooden items from Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile timber is only allowed into Australia via ports that are equipped to carry out rigorous inspection. If you can provide certification that your shipment has been fumigated, then inspection may be waived.

You can import most kinds of fresh cut flowers unless they’re prohibited or from certain regions. They have to be inspected for pest and disease. If any such is found, they’ll need to be treated, destroyed or shipped out.

Animal products are strictly regulated. Rules are complex regarding both items permitted and procedures to be followed so consult your local freight forwarder for the exact requirements.

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