Melbourne Freight Forwarders – We Can Handle Anything

If you think shipping your home goods abroad for an overseas posting or bringing in a thousand dolls from China is a tough transportation job, just take a look at some of the tough tasks your local forwarders handle with efficiency and aplomb on a daily basis.

Oil and Gas Industry Transport

Oil and gas equipment has to be shipped to some of the remotest and inhospitable locations on the planet including areas such as deserts and offshore. It’s a vital industry and one that depends on the expertise of freight forwarders to ensure the safe and timely arrival of the platforms, heavy equipment, tools and supplies needed to carry out the job.

Mining Industry Transport

Mining is another industry that requires heavy machinery and other supplies to be transported to rugged locations off the beaten track. It also involves the shipment of ore and minerals from the site to processing plants which may be located anywhere on the planet. This industry often requires the transport of corrosive or dangerous materials which require special handling.

Civil Engineering Transport

Heavy duty civil engineering projects such as building roads, bridges or dams in remote locations depend on impeccable freight forwarding logistics. It requires impeccable planning and execution at all stages of the shipping process.

Often the consignments required by the above industries are too bulky for standard shipping containers or commercial aircraft. They require specialised the kind of specialised logistical handling ordinary shippers lack. That’s when expertise in dealing with Out of Gauge consignments is vital

Other than the ability to physically handle the goods and package and deliver them, your freight forwarder also has to be able to handle the paperwork involved in shifting bulky items.

This is especially important when shipping overseas. Equipment is subject to a range of inspections from safety and customs officials and expensive delays can occur if this process in not handled properly.

For success in shipping, you need the services of a local Melbourne freight forwarding firm with a global reach and the expertise and resources to handle any kind of job in any location.

For all your air freight requirements to and from Melbourne, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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