Melbourne Freight Forwarders – Your ISO Tanks Guide

If you need to ship large quantities of liquids in or out of Australia, contact your Melbourne freight forwarders for full details on the best and most cost-effective transport methods.

Generally for liquids, the best method is to use ISO tanks. These are specially made tanks for liquid transport which conform to rigorous ISO safety standards. You can find ISO tanks that can handle all kinds of liquids including potable, non-hazardous, and hazardous fluids such as flammable and corrosive liquids.

Benefits of ISO Tanks

ISO tanks offer a very safe and convenient way to move liquids on and off vessels and from one ship to another. Preparation must follow strict rules to ensure safety. The tanks must be at least 80% full to avoid surging but under 95% to prevent excess pressure. They also need to be pressure tested before loading.

Using ISO tanks is also an extremely cost effective method of liquid transportation. After use, tanks can be sent to cleaning stations where they’re made ready for their next consignment.

Components of ISO Tanks

An ISO tank consists of a frame which serves to both support and provide protection to the tank. These are generally crafted from carbon steel.

In addition, the frame enables convenient handling by the special container equipment that is used to load and unload the unit. A manlid permits entry for inspection of the interior and a ladder and walkway allows access to the top of the tank.

The shell of the tank is also protected by cladding which is usually manufactured from glass reinforced plastic.

The tank itself features a number of valves such as air inlet and safety relief valves which serve to protect the tank against excessive pressure. When flammable materials are being transported, these valves can be covered by flame traps to prevent flashbacks.

The tanks also feature temperature gauges to enable constant monitoring the temperature of the cargo.

So whether you’re shipping fruit juices, liquid toxic waste, or flammable fuel products, ISO tanks offer you the best solution. Get in touch with your freight forwarder for full details of your options.

For all your transportation requirements, contact Melbourne freight forwarders and IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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