Projects that Demand Expert Melbourne Freight Forwarders

Your Melbourne freight forwarder can make short work of you regular shipping needs. Whether you’re selling on eBay, relocating abroad or importing toys from China, he can make the process painless and economical.

But he really comes into his own when tough cargo jobs are needed. Here’s a look at three of the complex and demanding projects they handle.

Shipping Art Works

Valuable works of art ranging from statues and paintings have to be shipped around the world for exhibition and auction with speed and efficiency and with perfect safety and security.

Shippers also need to negotiate the complex world of customs and carnet regulations so that the item quickly passes inspection. Any hold up could prove very costly.


Transport for Trade Shows


Leading firms depend on trade shows to promote their products and expand their business. Country-wide and international trade shows demand impeccable logistics to ensure that products and display accessories arrive at the right location on time. The alternative could be a serious loss in income and reputation.

Entertainment Industry

This industry is often heavily dependent on the kind of effective transportation and logistics that only professional freight forwarders can provide. Just consider how much work is involved in shipping a film crew and all their gear to a remote location abroad.

Likewise the music industry is heavily dependent on its transport whether it’s a symphony orchestra giving a series of concerts around the world or your favourite rock band.

When a leading rock band arrives to give concerts in Australia, do you ever think about the logistics required to put the group and all their equipment onto that stage for your enjoyment?

From picking up the band and their extensive equipment, chartering transport, warehousing, delivery, custom’s clearance, insurance and all the other key activities that allow a band to tour with total confidence.

You can be sure that freight forwarders put a lot of effort into ensuring your favourite band appeared on stage sounding so good.

Just think if your Melbourne freight forwarder can handle these kinds of transport tasks with professionalism and aplomb, how well he can take care of your cargo.

For all your air freight requirements to and from Melbourne, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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