Sea freight and Air freight Container Guide

One of the iconic images of commercial life over the last 50 years is the sight of massive container ships loading and offloading in the world’s ports. It’s a fine testimony to the power and efficiency of container shipping and the way it’s revolutionized cargo transport.

One of the features of containers that makes them so efficient is the standard sizes. This means they can be conveniently stacked and shunted easily between various transport methods whether ships, trains or trucks. Build to ISO specifications, the 20 foot and 40 foot are the most common nowadays.

Other than standard dry cargo models, containers also come in a range of specialised models to handle special types of cargo. These include open end, open side, open top, refrigerated, tanks for liquids and so on. Built to the same standard sizes, these specialised containers can handle all manner of cargo safely.

Another feature of containers is that each one has a unique number. This allows parties from customs officials to ship captains and coast guards to identify the owner and status of a container as well as track its movement and location.

Container Shipping Loading Tips

If you’re involved with the bulk shipping of goods into or out of Australia, you need to pay attention to the loading (stuffing) of your container. Doing this properly contributes to the stability and thus the safety of the transporting vehicles.

Proper loading also helps maximise its use and gain maximum value from each shipment as well as to ensure that your goods don’t shift during the loading, transport or unloading process. You can tie everything off with the tie down points to achieve this. Personal items such as furniture should be wrapped with protective padded materials.

You also have to be aware of what items you need to take special care with or which are not allowed into containers. Examples are fuels, cleaning materials, chemicals such as insecticides or corrosive materials.

Your local freight forwarder can advise you of the most efficient way to load your container or can handle the whole procedure for you.

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