Have you got a shipment that you need to ship by sea and you don’t know where to begin? Is it big enough that typical means of delivery won’t be available? Well if this is the case, Atlas Forwarding offers a sea freight operation exclusively in several areas of Australia. We can take any shipment that you need addressed with special instruction and make it work on the schedule you need. We offer expedited services for shipments of any kind. Don’t feel like you are in a bind until you do yourself the justice of talking to us and hearing what we can do for you.

Sea Freight From/Into Australia: We can do what you need

We have been in the shipment operation service since the year of 1999. We have learned the trade as though it is second nature and are able to take the knowledge and use it to your maximum benefit. Certain items are of excessive weight or size and the ability to ship them is a severe difficulty, that may be the case for your average shipping provider, but we go above and beyond the basic needs and give you something much more. If you have a deadline we have an answer, if you need us to take care of something for you, just explain the fine details and let us handle it from there.

Sea Freight Out of Australia: Loyalty

We develop a sense of loyalty with our customers. When we give you our word you can count on us to follow through and give you the best service there is available. When you are unaware of whether or not something is a possible option, consult with us. Not only will we guide you through potential solution, we will help you choose the one most beneficial for your situation.

The advantage of sea freight to Australia

People and their personal belongings have been crossing the seas since ancient times and it’s still a vital trade route for billions of dollars worth of freight going from one continent to the next each year. Australians happen be one of the largest receivers and senders of sea freight despite the growing trend towards air freight. However, the biggest advantage of sea freight happens to be the cost associated. Sea freight out of Australia is a lot cheaper as compared to regular air freight. Plus the other big advantage of sea freight is the fact that it’s also a lot easier to transport several tons of cargo which is impossible to do with air freight. This is why ships still happen to be the de facto mode of transportation for tons of cargo exiting Australia every year.

No size too difficult or impossible

Whether its several pounds of your cargo or several tons at Atlas Forwarding you can trust us with your cargo. We have several years of experience dealing with tons of cargo for an array of businesses and individuals this is why nothing is impossible for us to do. The objective of our services over the years has been to make sea freight to Australia as easy it can be for people both living locally and those responsible abroad. This is why we can handle everything from start to finish so that you do not have to bother with the inerrancies of your cargo until it is delivered to your warehouse or the port for that matter.

Cost effective and highly efficient

If you are considering sending sea freight out of Australia then you should consider our highly efficient and cost effective services. We pride ourselves on always being on time and handling every aspect of your cargo in the most efficient manner right up to the time it is sent.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to handle your cargo then call us today at (03) 93355225. You can also send an email to info@atlasforwarding.com.au for quotes or other details.

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