Do you have a shipment you need to process overseas from USA to Australia or America to Australia? Do you feel that no other shipping option is available to suit your needs? Well if this is the case you don’t have to worry about it. At Atlas Forwarding, we have the right options to make the right adjustments and make your shipping desires a reality. We have options of shipping via air or sea and can meet any deadline that you have in mind. Shipping can be a very sensitive topic and the items you send can be of a very personal nature. It is an understandable concept to want to get the item there in an efficient manner and meeting deadlines is what we do. If you have a package to ship from America to Australia then we are your one stop solution. We have competition of all sorts, but what we have to offer is one of a kind.

Shipping from Asia to Australia: Professionalism

We want to provide something for our customers that make them aware of how special they are to us. We offer something that stands out, a promise of deadlines and professional service. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if we weren’t doing something right. We have been in the business of shipping services since the year 1999. By constant improvising we are able to improve our services and stay on top of the market as a lead import and export super center.

Shipping from Europe to Australia: Do you need that fast?

We offer the fastest shipping available. We meet deadlines and can put a special twist to any shipment you may have. Don’t go another day settling for what is second best, make it a matter of meeting your every need and give us a call to address your concerns. We also offer shipping from china to Australia.

Reliability our biggest asset

At Atlas Forwarding we strongly believe in providing a service which people feel compelled to appreciate, and refer to their friends and family members. So, whether you are shipping from USA to Australia or shipping from Asia to Australia you can bet that regardless of what you are shipping your items will be handled with care and due diligence will be carried out every step of the way. So, there is no reason for you to worry about your items being lost, stolen or broken on arrival. This is despite the fact that some aspects of transportation and shipping can be beyond our control but we take every measure to ensure that what we cannot control we plan for in advance. This is why we have never received customer complaints and our shipments are always delivered on time.

Experienced professionals

Atlas Forwarding prides itself on having a team of highly seasoned professionals with years of experience in the shipping and handling industry. Our logistics experts can handle shipping from Europe to Australia or shipping from China to Australia which has become increasingly common over the past couple of years. This is regardless of what is being shipped and the quantity of the shipment. Our professionals will also provide you with important advice on matters like shipping policy as well as a list of banned or controlled items. That said our professionals can handle most shipping matters on autopilot and so you do not have to waste your time on looking into everything personally.

Aggressively priced

It goes without saying that when it comes to shipping, price is a huge factor that needs to be considered. However, while the vast majority of people may think that the cheapest shipping company is the best the fact is that there is more to pricing than what you see on the website. Unlike other services we do not add hidden costs or charges within our billing details. Plus as professionals we believe in transparency which means that you never have to worry about being overcharged mainly because our prices are always competitive regardless of if you need shipping from Asia to Australia or from any other region. Our customer service people can provide you with a complete list of charges and costs so that you remain informed of the prices every step of the way. This is particularly important for people who import or export as part of their business and where shipping prices need to be factored into the per item cost of what is being shipped.

Always at your service

At Atlas Forwarding we operate almost every day and our people are working at all times of the day because we have shipments coming in from all across the world. We never sleep because the world does not sleep! However, this also means that we can be contacted at any time regarding your shipment or any other aspect of our service.

If you need something shipped and are looking for a reliable service to handle everything for you then look no further than Atlas Forwarding, call us today at (03) 93355225 or you can send an email to and we will make it a point to reply back immediately.

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