The Many Benefits of Using a Local Melbourne Freight Forwarder

If you’re an Australian firm involved with import and export, you have many options when it comes to choosing a firm to handle shipping and related matters.

You could, for example, contact transport companies individually and negotiate rates while taking care of packing, storing and transport to the docks or airport yourself. However, hiring a professional firm to handle everything makes much better sense.

Here’s why putting your whole cargo transport into the capable hands of a Melbourne freight forwarder is such a smart idea.

Convenience and Efficiency

Utilising the resources of one firm with an integrated network and logistical system means greater control over the shipment and minimises the chance of error and delay. This also translates into the all-important matter of value.

Cost Effectiveness

Dealing with separate packers, shippers, warehouse owners and government agencies can be a time consuming task. If you ship cargo on a regular basis, you’ll need to maintain full time staff to deal with such matters. The cost of training and maintaining such expert staff can mount up and represent a significant fixed cost in your operation. Hiring a professional freight forwarder also allows you to be flexible in your shipments.


If you shipments are sporadic, using a freight forwarder is the most flexible option. Should your consignment be a small one, for example, they can load it into a container with another client’s cargo to minimise costs. At the same time, you don’t need to maintain facilities to deal with shipping as everything is taken care of for you. Be sure to choose a local firm so you’ll get attentive service.

Personalised Service

Choosing a reputable freight forwarder in Melbourne means you’ll get personal attention and service. With one contact person in charge of all your shipping arrangements, you’ll always be in the loop as to every facet of the status of your cargo.

In a nutshell, using a Melbourne freight forwarder means you put the entire operation into the hands of one expert firm with the expertise, resources and contacts to perform a quality job every time.

For all your shipping requirements to and from Melbourne, contact IATA accredited freight forwarders Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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