The Many Roles of the Modern Freight Forwarder

Your Melbourne freight forwarder is far more than just a firm that organises the transport of goods between two points. While shipping is at the heart of his operation, today’s forwarder plays many key roles in national and international commerce.

Multifaceted Brokers

Essentially, freight forwarders are brokers, functioning as intermediaries between the client and various transportation services. They’re responsible for negotiating the keenest prices for each stage of the shipping operation and creating a complete package for the client.

This way, they can get you the client an optimal all-inclusive price. One way they can help you economise is via consolidating your shipment with another’s in order to avoid wasteful less-than-container (LCL) shipments.

Logistics Experts

If there’s one major role played by a freight forwarder, it’s that of a key link in the global supply chain system. Modern shipping is extremely complex and demands not only dedicated control systems but also the international resources to setup seamless shipping paths throughout the world.


Other than providing you with the most efficient and economical shipping procedure for your needs, another way you benefit from the forwarder’s logistic expertise is through always knowing the location and status of your cargo. Sophisticated tracking systems allow you to monitor you shipment in real time anytime.

Customs Clearance Agents

Freight forwarders are knowledgeable about the complex bureaucratic procedures involved in importing and exporting goods, especially dealing with customs authorities. They have dedicated links into customs databases to expedite procedures as well as have staff on hand at ports to smooth any difficulties that may arise.

Their expertise translates into fast and efficient processing and minimal payments in duties and other charges.

Transport Advisers

One of the most valuable services offered by Melbourne freight forwarders is that of offering advice. Importing and exporting are challenging business activities so having the expertise of seasoned practitioners is invaluable in helping you navigate the complex world of international trade.

Whether your bringing in toys from Taiwan or exporting iron ore to Europe, your freight forwarder will be your most vital partner in the operation. So be sure to choose a firm with the reputation, experience and worldwide connections to ensure your success.

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