Third Party Logistics – How 3PL Can Help Your Business

Moving cargo around the world is a complex operation. It has to be packed, picked up, stored, loaded onto ships or planes, offloaded and stored at the destination, and delivered to the end user. And on top of all this there is copious paperwork involved both for private companies and government departments especially customs.

The logistical requirement are formidable and the best way to deal with them is through third party logistics or 3PL. This process involves outsourcing the tasks need for international shipping to third party contractors. These agents are located locally. This means they have the knowledge and resources to expertly deal with any aspect of their business in the relevant area.

By taking advantage of 3PL, you can gain from economies of scale. If you own your own warehouse, for example, you may not be making maximum use of it. Through 3PL the contracting firm can ensure it’s used to its maximum capacity at all times.

3PL providers come in many forms. A basic agent might just offer pickup, packaging, storage, shipping and distribution. Other firms offer additional services such as tracking, cross docking, or enhanced security facilities

Other operations known as customer adapters and customer developers essentially take over and handle your entire operation. The latter completely handles all your logistics. This allows you to focus on your core operations of product development, manufacturing and marketing while allowing experts to deal with shipping and distribution.

As you can see, using third party logistics offers considerable advantages, especially to new companies and small to medium sized organisations. Such firms can start operations immediately without costly investment in warehousing. Moreover, they don’t need to hire qualified staff to deal with shipping and related tasks. Also firms looking to streamline their operations often choose to outsource their logistics to 3PLs.

If you’re an importer or exporter or otherwise involved with the transnational shipping of goods, putting the whole operation into the hands of a reputable freight forwarder is the solution. Leading Australian firms such as Atlas Forwarding can advise you and handle all your 3PL for your needs.

For all your third party logistics requirements to and from Melbourne, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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