Who Needs Australian International Freight Forwarding

As the world gets smaller and international trade and travel expands, people need quality Australian international freight forwarding more than ever. By hiring reputable firms to handle all your transport and delivery services you can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destination safely and on time.

We all need delivery services at some time but here are some people who depend on high quality Australian international freight forwarding for their success.

Importers and Exporters

Whether you’re exporting iron ore to China or importing tiles or quarry stone from Turkey, your freight forwarder is the one that will make everything run smoothly.

It’s a complex job shipping goods internationally. You need warehousing for storage, customs, quarantine and security clearances, as well as the most efficient conveyance for your goods. The right freight forwarder can take care of all these matters so you can relax.


If you’re moving to Australian to start a new life, you probably have all kinds of goods you need shipped into the country. Just put the whole project into the hands of an experienced freight forwarder with the international contacts to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Are you heading off for a sojourn in a foreign land? Things are complex enough getting used to your new home without worrying about where your precious possessions are. Hiring a quality freight forwarder will ensure that your furniture, home effects and vehicle will all arrive at their destination without delay. You can even track their progress online for total peace of mind.

eBay Sellers

The internet has opened up whole new world of business for the enterprising and one of the most popular for Aussie entrepreneurs is the popular auction site eBay. Success on eBay depends on safe and speedy delivery of the sold goods and this is where your Australian freight forwarder comes in. If you do any volume of business on eBay, having a dedicated agent taking care of your needs is vital to your success.

For all your Australian international freight forwarding needs, contact IATA accredited cargo agent Atlas Forwarding on (03) 93355225.

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